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Updated: Feb 16

The Duplicity Cardigan is very beginner friendly, with little to no shaping. The crochet cardigan is easily versatile and can be made with one color or, as I have, made with two of your favorite colors! In addition to being able to switch up the colors, the Duplicity beginner crochet cardigan is intentionally designed with bulky weight yarn, to make a faster make! That way you can spend more time flaunting the drip of your new crochet cardigan than making it!

What’s up with my beautiful stitches?! I was inspired to design this free crochet cardigan pattern because I wanted to finally be free and express my inner voice as a creator and frankly, as the grown ass woman I finally feel that I am. You know what I mean?

Too long I’ve let my and other voices and fear influence me and trap me. So from the emotional seeds of rebellion and wanting to assert my independence… I will be launching a new crochet pattern line! She will be named [drum roll please] Blaq Kieko.

There are several reasons why I have chosen the name Blaq Kieko. The first is the meaning behind the name. Blaq (pronounced black) symbolizes the hard fought pride I earned and now have in not only my uniqueness but of my melanin as well. Kikeo (pronounced Kee-Kee-Oh) is Japanese for “be happy”. This will represent my need and want to be happy and proud of my talents as a designer and to undertaste my happiness of the aforementioned blackness and unique